need part # for old topflight


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need part # for old topflight

i have an old topflight 310-600A H099B and the worm gear for the auger ate itself. a 20+ year old gear dosen't take kindly when the neighbor borrows the blower and attempts to throw a 3 foot long 2X4. any help would be appreciated. this snow blower gets passed around the military base in chicago for families until they transfer and they just don't make them like they used too.
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Topflite was made by MTD for Kmart I believe. You may be able to use the gear case numbers and cross them over to a MTD part number.
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You can call MTD directly and give them your model & serial number and they will find the part numbers you need. You can
also order them directly.
Their Phone number is 1-800-269-6215.
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let it snow

The impeller shaft gear is 917-0299 and the auger shaft gear is old number 717-0300 new number is 917-1425. It is best to replace them as a set. The auger shaft gear is available from after market company's Oregon OEP part number 73-034 and Rotary part number 5547.


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