John deere L120 won't start cold


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John deere L120 won't start cold

I have a John Deere L120 with 128 hours. It WILL NOT start if it is cold out. I have cleaned and changed everything possible. What's wrong with it? 20hp B&S. There are no adustments on the carb, its electronic(?) Any advice?
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Have you looked to see that the choke actually closes when it is cold or you push the throttle to the choke position.
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Electronic Carburetor??

Can you post the Model, Type, and code numbers from your engine??

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sounds stupid but john deeres modify their equiptment so we(the mechanics)cannot get to the info without going to a dealer but i have seen this issue in the shop before..what i usually tell the customer is get a handwarmer and put it by the fuel solenoid for 10 minutes to warm that always worked for me
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redneckmechanic, There's plenty of info you can obtain from it. It's a briggs engine with a model # and that's all we need. It's probably a 460000 series Briggs. The anti-backfire solenoid is either on or off, it doesn't care if it's 50 below zero, or 110 degrees outside.

If the engine will crank fine, but not start, I second the motion to visually verify that the choke is fully closing off the carburetor throat. If not, post back with model, type, and code #s of the engine (found stamped on one of the valve covers).

If the engine will not crank over at all, then it may be other problems, like a valves out of adjustment. (have they been adjusted in the past year or two? If not, they probably need it).
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I have a JD L120 in my shop with a 20 HP Intek V-Twin Briggs & Stratton model 406777 type 0128 engine.

At the bottom of the page at the following link is instructions to adjust overhead valves.

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