Craftsman twin cyl. with connecting rod broken


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Craftsman twin cyl. with connecting rod broken


Bought a 2000 Craftsman lawn mower with a broken conn. rod. The model # is 461707, type 0145E3, Code 0005245A.
It is a twin cyl. 20hp turbo cool I/C platinum. I took the engine out and took off the side cover. I can see half of the connecting rod still attached to the piston, the rest of the rod was in pieces. Of course there are aluminum shavings everywhere. The crank is scratched up, but there are no gouges in it. The side cover is split, but it still sealed. I found no cracks in the block. I am asking what to do next before I go any farther. I am prepared to take it apart. Just wanted expert advice before I did.

Thank you,
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that block is most likely toast, unless it has a very heavy cast iron liner you won't be able to hone or bore it, be prepared to just install a new engine. pull the head and check the cylinder, if it is chrome lined aluminum you will need a new block.

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I pulled the cyl. head and it looks like the cyl. is sleeved in cast iron. It is magnetic. Just wondering if I could get by with a new rod and seals/gaskets? Nothing looks torn up inside , just alot of shavings and small chunks of aluminum.
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I/C series Briggs engines usually have cast iron cylinder sleeves. Sometimes you get lucky, I would tear the engine down completely and inspect all the journals on the crankshaft. If there is no real damage to the bearing surfaces, then cleaning and polishing and a new rods could get you back in business. I would replace both rods just to be sure the other does not fail down the road. Check the camshaft and where it fits into the the block to be sure it's alright as well.

Best of luck...

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