Buying a snowblower from a Big Box store


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Buying a snowblower from a Big Box store

Snowblower season is now here. Time to shop for a new snowblower. I am seeing many snowblowers coming in my shop now for pre-season tune-ups. Sounds early to some, but considering we were just 4" shy of breaking a 100 year old record for most snowfall in a season last year, people are preparing early. What I am seeing are 2-5 year old snowblowers bought from big box stores (Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Sears) that were NEVER properly set up. These stores do not know how to set up ANY outdoor power equipment. The employess (probably some high school kid that knows everything about everything) setting these up don't know how to or just don't care. I am seeing scraper bars worn out because the shoes or skids were not properly adjusted. In a few cases, they were just bolted on for looks, sitting 2" off the ground. Theese are suppose to be touching the ground. Because they were not adjusted, the scraper bar has to be replaced. Scraper bar $30. Shoes $8/ pair. The shoes are what should be wearing. Also, many cables are not properly adjusted causing drive & blowing problems and premature belt wear. Chutes are also being tightened too tight causing them not to be able to move the way they should and breaking of remote cable when trying to move them.
Anyone who buys a snowblower for these stores, should read the owners manuals, especially the first pages usually called "set-up instructions" and check over your snowblower per instructions. Also, before starting, CHECK THE OIL!!
I had 1 customer this summer with a 1 month old lawnmower that the oil level was only a drop on the end of the dipstick!
The story here is that if you buy from a BB store, it is YOUR resposability to insure that all is right with your new equipment.
I just thought I would pass along these words of warnings to you.

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A-MEN! to that! I always tell folks to read the manual and verify that everything is set up correctly as if you were doing the set up yourself. Why some folks will spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on something and then NOT spend 1 hour to read the manual and verify that everything is ok just amazes me.
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Good Info!!

Thats good information to know, and I will have to beg for your expert advice when it comes to snowblower specific questions. Just don't see any snowblowers down here!

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