12 hp Techumsa twin L-head


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12 hp Techumsa twin L-head

New member here and stumped. Thanks in advance for any thoughts. I have a 12hp vertical shaft Techumsa engine from a Murray riding mower. All numbers were gone and I can't find any pics of the engine so I can buy a manual. I have the engine in a project and need to rewire the ignition switch so I need the wiring diagram that tells me what the two wires coming from under the flywheel do.

The engine did not shut off when the key was turned off so I assume there is a kill switch of some type. It is a 12 volt system with electric start.

I hope to find a source for spotters guide or a source for wiring diagrams or anyone who can tell me a little about the electrical system on these mowers.

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The easiest way may be to take the engine cover off and trace the wires to their origin. One of the wires should lead to the ignition coils and the other probably goes to the alternator.

The wire that is attached to the ignition modules will simply ground to kill the spark and shut down the engine. The other wire if DC will go to recharge the battery, if it's AC then it will need to be rectified before it can be used to recharge the battery. Wiring diagrams are model specific, so without the numbers off your application, a wiring diagram will be hard to come by.

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