MTD only goes in Reverse


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MTD only goes in Reverse

MTD Lawn Tractor 42" red

Model #133K679G205 MFG code #1F143840053

sticker on back of trans or rear gearcase gives:
Model #618-0073
Serial # 462698

number on the bottom of trans:

When put in forward drive position and in any speed, when the clutch/brake is let out - it just gives a growling sound and does not move forward. Not sure if its gear noise.
When put in reverse in any speed and the clutch is let out - it moves backward like normal with no unusual sounds.

I ended up breaking down and splurging on a JD 318 before I had to make hay. Mowing in reverse with the MTD would have been a challenge, but was not up for it at the time. The MTD motor is great and thought I would take the trans or drive apart and get the old girl going again, but found you guys. Can you save me some hunting time?
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Go to the MTD site

Enter your model number and click the search button. When your unit comes up, click on the transmission to get a blow up of your tranny. I think based on your description that items #15 & #17 are what is causing your problem.

It's not an overly complicated repair, but can take a few hours to complete.
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Awesome! Looks like the right parts alright. You guys are worth your weight in gold. A couple hour job for you maybe - for me, probably about 8 hours. Thanks for the help. I like that little red tractor. Time to get the pigeon poop off and get her going again!

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