snowthrower auger bent in some areas


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snowthrower auger bent in some areas

i have a newer toro 724 snow thrower,
some areas of the left auger assembly is bent
how should i bend it back into place without removing it from the housing if possible ?
i,m talking about the blade that's pushes the snow into the impeller
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I'd suggest an oxy/acet. torch. Careful not to get too much heat near the brg on the outer end of auger shaft.
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If they are just slightly bent and you are just trying to "straighten" I have used a 24" plumbers pipe wrench. With the jaws open a crack to just fit on the auger you will get plenty of leverage to straighten
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How badly are they bent? If they are not hitting anything, I wouldn't worry about it.
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one area was bent at 45 degrees
i did bent it back using a large channel locks
it was fairly easy but this is not built like the old toro 724 from 79 this one is from 2000
the augers are welded at spots on the drum
my old toro, the auger is welded completely around the drum
but it's hard to figure out where it is suppose to be because of the design of the augers
i,m wondering if the augers are not in the right place will this affect the thrower not working right?

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