power washer honda won't start


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power washer honda won't start

Honda GC 160 5.0 won't start. Full of gas and oil. put in new spark plug and air filter. still won't start after many, many tries.
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Have you checked the carb?
How long was the previous gas in tank?

Check all carb orifices.....ALL of them.
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Yeah how old is the gas? Was it stabilized if stored in the tank? People don't realize how important a product like StaBil is until they start having problems like this. Later!
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That's right, old fuel can wreak havoc on your carburetor. Chances are if your pressure washer has been sitting up awhile, you will need to at the very least remove the float bowl and drain any old fuel and moisture that may have collected. If it's been a very long time, then it may be gummed up and require a good cleaning.

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