Strange spark pattern on briggs 20hp engine


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Strange spark pattern on briggs 20hp engine

It is a 461707 0145 E3 engine. It wont start after it runs for 30 minutes or so. It seems to be getting fuel. I hooked my timing light up to the driver side plug and it seemed fine. I then hooked the timing light up to the passenger side plug and was surprised to see that it took several complete revolutions (5-6 or more) before spark appeared on that side. This just seemed like too many revolutions. I would think the coil on that side may be weak or bad ??
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Both plugs fire from the same coil. Coil failure is quite common on that engine, and I would change it. You have classic symptoms of a bad coil. Don't buy an aftermarket coil. They don't last long, sometimes bad out of the box, and many places don't take returns on electrical parts. Use a briggs coil... runs around $55.
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Also check the plug wires, although it is probably the coil.

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