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seeking some guidance here.

1.I have a McCullogh EagerBeaver leaf blower/vac that suddenly won't start. Worked great and then in the middle of some use it quit. Gas is fresh and new mix. Carb appears clean and prime bubble is good. Just won't start. used to start on first pull all the time now nothing. Any ideas, worth fixing? I understand that mcCullogh went out of this line and no parts are readily available.

2. Also have TWO (2) Sears Craftsman 32cc leafblower/vacs. One had belonged to my neighbor before he got a gardener.
One will run ,but only with low power and I mean low. a can of beans can give you more wind! It also blows some white smoke as it is running.
The other cranks and appears to want to catch but just never does. At a total loss for this one.
I had both running great but then the decided to give up the ghost at almost the same time. Any suggestion as to where to start?

3. Open to ANY suggestions on a NEW blower/ vac, any preferences out there?
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#1...check for spark. I've seen a lot of failed coils on McCulloghs.

#2...The one that runs slowly sounds like it may have a restricted muffler, and/or way too much oil in the gas.

#3...I like Echo a lot personally. I'd take anything over the run of the mill department store brands.
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On your Craftsmans--take off the air filter cover---check for loose or broken screw holding on carb.--this happened to one of mine--works good w/ new screw.....................
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I had one of those 32cc (I think it was that size) blower/vacs several years ago. Ran OK for years and then just started acting up. Would either run wide open or not at all. It was a pain in the butt to take apart because the engine was inside the main housing, all the pieces kind of fit together to form one solid unit. If I'm not mistaken the problem ended up being part of the intake manifold had came loose and alot of excess air was being sucked into the engine. I took it apart, removed the old gasket and made my own out of the high strength/high temp. orange silicone. Put it all together, let it dry a day and it ran like a champ. Until the vibrations kept loosening the muffler until the bolts stripped in the head after repeated tightening.

After that I bought a Husqvarna backpack blower and it rocks. Couldn't believe how much power it had compared to the handheld. And much easier to use for extended periods of time.

I know most companies make blower/vac combos, but I'm a huge fan of Husqvarna after having the backpack blower and one of their chainsaws. Later!
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On the craftman blower,take the muffler off and see if you can wiggle the cylinder head,as stated above post,if the head is loose you will have to disassamble the blower,and tighten the head bolt before doing so put some blue locktight on the bolt,it comes in a tube,also I put a lock washer on the bolt too.Also check the compression with a gauge,it should be at least 90# or better.Hope this helps


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