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Craftsman Pressure Washer Problems

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10-24-08, 02:05 PM   #1  
Craftsman Pressure Washer Problems


This has to do with a Sears Craftsman 4.5 hp Briggs and Stratton 2200 PSI Power Washer (1.9 gpm Max)

First if my Pressure washer is wasted then it is my own fault. I left it unattended for at least a year without putting in any pump preserver. After the last use I did make sure the water was out of the pump by pulling the start cord several times with the spark plug disconnected. I also had made sure it was out of fuel by letting the engine run out of gas. This is what I had done between each use during the three years I have owned this. Also I live in Hawaii where the temp rarely gets below 70. The unit still looks like new.

Due to the life of an everyday run of the mill family I have not been able to get around to using the power washer for about a year. Knowing it had been awhile since I used the unit I decided to pull the unit out and get it running just for getting it running sakes...

Well she fired right up but there was no output of water at all. So I shut her down within a minute and took off the hose, I turned the water on and the water came out the output end of the pump without me starting the engine. This seemed to be normal. So that told me the hose or Gun was clogged. I eventually got everything unclogged and then tried to operate the power washer again.

There was no pressure There was a constant stream of water out through the nozzle tip that shot out at least 30 ft but nothing that was gonna hurt or clean anyone or anything.

I checked things out and because I do not know what I am dealing with, here is what I observed as far as the pump underneath is concerned. One part of the cast pump is what appears to be a flange that has the diameter of a roll of dimes (maybe a little smaller) with a cap that has a stick on it. The cap rotates freely but does not rotate on itís own while the pressure washer is in use.

Also, when I pull the trigger there is no load placed on the Motor. It just keeps humming along.

I went out and bought what I should have bought a year ago in that of a can of the Craftsman Pump saver. I tried to fill the pump with it last night. When I attached the can and started to fill the pump the substance came out the output right of the pump right away. I then pumped the pump saver solution in more slowly and again it was flowing out of the output pretty quick but it did seem to fill up a little bit. In no way did I use up more than 10% of the can.

I am going to try getting her to operate again tonight.

One other thought. Could the O rings on the hose connections cause no pressure being built up and no load being put on the engine? As stated earlier, water only comes out of the gun as fast as the water is sent in. Any velocity is caused by the smaller output diameter of the tip and this is only enough velocity to send out a stream 30 ft at a slow pace.

Any input on what maybe going on here and what I need to do or try which might help me in getting this to operate normally would be appreciated.



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10-24-08, 02:44 PM   #2  
Can you post the model number of your pressure washer??

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10-24-08, 04:23 PM   #3  
Sure, Guess I should have done that in original post.


Thanks for replying


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10-25-08, 01:04 AM   #4  
My initial guess would be the unloader valve is stuck.

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God bless!

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07-18-14, 07:36 AM   #5  
I had the same probelm. Pressure washer repair guy took the outlet tube off.then removed the check valve in the hole with a screw driver DON"T LOSE THE 3-4 PEICES! What he found was the o-ring on the tip had expanded. He said due to soap etc not rinised from the machine before it was put away. He said even heavily chlorinated water will expand them. He replaced the .10 cent o-ring reassembled it and
DONE_FIXED_ ALL GOOD. I didn't even know the outlet tube even unscrewed.
Any way THAT is all it was. HOPE THIS HELPS YOU.
ps: he said if you stop sraying with the motor running NO LONGER THAN #) SECONDS or Shut it down and when ready fire it back up. I guess they can FRY pretty quick!

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