OH160 Tecumseh

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OH160 Tecumseh


I am still trying to get this engine running! I have tried several carburetors and I am getting the same results. The engine tries to run and then either spits gas right out of the choke end and sputters or the gas seems to accumilate in the muffler then shoot flames out while it is trying to run?

I am wondering if the valves are installed wrong or in need of adjusting, re-seating? To me it does not make sense that four carburetors are all bad? The mechanic I hired to rebuild this engine really does not display a whole lot of confidence and is evasive at best. I think he is trying to get me to buy one of his NOS engines and just replace this one, instead of fixing it...I get the old, "you know this is thirty years old and your trying to get it running like new", no, I am trying to get it running period!

I really wish I could find an honest mechanic and get this straightened out. I am mechanically inclined and can usually repair anything, but this over head valve design is new to me?

Any further assistance you can me is greatly appreciated.

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I would take the engine back to the person who rebuilt it and DEMAND he get it running. You paid him to get it running, did you not? If he did a total rebuild, there are several possibilities of what is wrong. He may have cam timing off. Did he cut new valve seats? Are the valves sealing? A leakdown test is needed to determine cylinder/valve condition. A compression test may give you a quick assessment.

The OH160 is an excellent engine. Many internal parts are no longer available and what is available is expensive.

You may have a valve blow back problem due to improper valve clearance, or a valve that's not seating. The valve clearance spec on this engine is .005 intake and .010 exhaust. Put piston at TDC where both valves are closed/seated.

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