Please show me how to set up throttle control (go cart) on vacu-jet carb.


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Please show me how to set up throttle control (go cart) on vacu-jet carb.

I have a Briggs 130292 0601 (but it may have a mismatched cover - because the carb looks like a vacu-jet to me). Engine has good compression and runs just great if I pour gas into the top of the carb. It starts and runs great until it burns all that gas, and then it just stops suddenly. I have done the carb kit and I need to check the vacuum holes again. I didn't get a tank/carb gasket and there might not be a seal there - I need to check all those things - I also have access to another vacu-jet carb that I can swap if this one doesn't get straight. What I want is to know how the governor gets set up so that I can hook this thing up to the 'accellerator' pedal and make the engine engage the clutch and also go back to idle. I have the springs and everything for the pedal cable, but I think I have the wrong set up for the gov and the springs for that.

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It's nearly impossible to guess what you have if you suspect the carb is not correct for the engine numbers given. Go-karts usually have a throttle cable connected to the plastic sliding part of the throttle control, which in turn moves the spring that is attached to the governor arm, which is connected to a linkage going to a lever on the side of the carb with a short linkage going from that to the throttle shaft in the carb.
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Check the link below, maybe it will help. Have a good one. Geo

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