Briggs and Stratton model 350447 type 1289


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Briggs and Stratton model 350447 type 1289


I have a Briggs & Stratton model 350447 type 1289 engine which is an 18hp V-Twin (Vanguard) on my lucas sawmill and it has been sat idle for about 6 months. I am not able to start it, it appears to be a carburetor issue; I have cleaned out the carburetor, replaced the spark plugs and in testing when I put a small amount of gas inside the carburetor it does start for a second or two. When I removed the fuel tank that has the fuel filter inline I did get fuel coming out as normal but somewhere in the carburetor things are not going right. I took the top part off and that is nice and clean now but the bottom part is a bit of a pig.

I just can't figure out how to get it off easily, has anybody ever removed one of these and if so is there a trick to it? The bolts are underneath and it looks like you almost have to take the engine apart to get it off?

Is there another route to take by putting an airline on the fuel intake of the carburetor? I think the jets might be clogged with gunk - so is it worth doing this and could it damage anything by blowing 120psi of air through it?


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I would not recommend forcing high pressure through the fuel inlet. I don't think it will hurt anything, but it won't fix anything either. The carburetor bolts on from underneath the intake manifold, and you will most likely have to remove the blower housing to gain access. I usually remove the intake manifold to gain easier access to the carburetor on these engines, but you can do quite a bit of cleaning to the carburetor by removing the top. You can take the after fire solenoid out from the side, it unscrews and clean the valve and the area that it fits into as any gunk or trash in this area will prevent fuel from flowing into the metering circuits of the carburetor.

Best of Luck....

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