2 cycle carb mystery Solved


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Smile 2 cycle carb mystery Solved

On 10/20 I posted about problems with the carb on an Toro S 200 sno blower I bought used. I found there is a check valve behind the intake tube and that this is what was causing the flooding problem. It is very small and is pressed into a pocket and after removing the inlet tube, I had to remove it using a Bridgeport mill after all other methods failed. After aligning the carb body in a vise, I indicated the bore of the inlet tube, then used a 3/16 end mill to move on XY coordinates to within .005 of the edge of the valve pocket bore. I used a hardened pick to collapse the remaining valve body and pulled it out.
After putting in the new check valve and new inlet tube the problem was solved; getting the inlet tube out of the carb body was not easy, had to use a vise to clamp on to it, thats why the new inlet tube.
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That's an interesting way to save $80......................

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