Craftsman Blower Tried to start.


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Craftsman Blower Tried to start.

Hello everyone..
I was using my Craftsman leafblower- mulcher a couple of days ago, and it performed great. I tried to start it yesterday and I got nothing out of it but a sore back.
What I have done so far is to remove the plug and checked it out. It was soaked with gas, but otherwise looked ok. I cleaned the tip and such with a wire brush and sprayed it with brake cleaner (I didnít have starting fluid, but it dried things out well). While the plug was out, I pulled the rope a few times to blow out anything still left in the cylinder. I sprayed some cleaner in it as well before pulling the rope.
I re-installed the plug, gave about 10 pulls and it tried to start but never did. I know the spark is present. I ran a jumper wire from the tip of the plug above the electrode and grounded it to the muffler. I definitely had spark while pulling the rope.
What I donít get, is that each and every time I pulled the plug, and I did several times, is that it was always soaked with gas. I didnít keep priming it every time I tried to start it, so that it wouldnít flood.
So, I have spark, fuel is obviously getting to the cylinder (maybe too much fuel?). Iím going to check the cylinder bolts tonight when I get home.

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Get a new plug & can of starter fluid--spray small amount in hole-install plug--don't
choke--see if it will fire.
Check carb. bolts--make sure not loose or broken.............

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