Tractor Battery


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Tractor Battery

How many years do you get out of your tractor battery?
My Gold Die Hard lasted 7 years.............
Good ?
Not good ?
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Not just good, very good. Lawn or farm tractors really beat up on batteries because of vibration. If I get 3 years out of an average priced battery, I think I'm doing OK.
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I agree. That battery belongs in a museum when it finally dies.
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I'd say excellent! Three years would be typical, 5 years would be outstanding, 7 years is fenominal. Vibration, sitting unused for weeks at a time during the winter and small size all hurt these guys as far as achieving a long life.
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jHOWARD is just hunting for praise of his maintenance j/k!

Although jH...I noticed you said "lasted" not "has lasted" it gone now?

I agree though, I've never had ANY battery (car, M/C or tractor) last that long!
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Pur in Nov 01--burnt out yesterday---price up about $25.......
Take in basement after leaves are gone--place on top of work bench not floor.
Attach 1 1/2 v auto trickle charger ( when it drops to 11-12v charger brings it up to
13.5 +/-) add water if necessary....................

Gun45--you knew I was just killing time..................

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