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craftsman pressure washer won't start

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11-09-08, 07:56 AM   #1  
craftsman pressure washer won't start

Hey everyone,

I am new to this thread and had a problem I was hoping that smene can assist me with.

I am having a problem starting my Craftsman pressure washer model 580.752800. I tried to start it last week and it wouldn't start. I read a post on a message board that said to pour a little gas in the air filter. I did and it fired up immediately and I was able to power wash my deck and back of my house.

I painted part of my deck but hated the stain so I decided to power wash it off and choose a clear stain. I ran out of gas mid way and poured some more in. I admit, the gas was old and might have been stale but it worked fine the week prior. It was also the bottom of the gas tank and I think there might have been some water in it as well. It would start for a bit but than shut down. I emptied the tank out today, and poured fresh gas in. I put a little by the air filter and it is the same result. Starts for a little bit than shuts down.

I am going to buy another filter but I don't think that is the problem. I have read on other message boards stuff like cleaning the float bowl and popping holes in it etc but I failed my mechanics class back in high school.

I was hoping that someone can help me so I do not have to hear my wife complain about the deck anymore.


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11-09-08, 08:44 AM   #2  
Read the information at the link below and see if you are up to the task of working on the carburetor. Draw or photograph linkage connections prior to removing carburetor.

What are the procedures to follow when overhauling the carburetor?

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11-10-08, 12:03 AM   #3  
I'm thinking you should just start by removing the bowl and clean it out. If it just has water in it, this should be all that is required to fix it. Remove the air filter housing (probably 3 or 4 5/16" head screws). Clamp the fuel line with vise-grips, or drain the tank so gas doesn't flow out when you take the bowl off. Under the carb bowl is a bolt that goes through the middle of the bowl. Use a 1/2" wrench to remove this. A little gas will drain, then you can clean the bowl and reassemble. The fact that it runs a while after priming it makes me think maybe it is just water, like you suspected. Make sure you get the bowl back in place properly with the bowl gasket in place, and if the air-filter housing gasket tears, replace it or the engine may not prime when you hit the primer.

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