Stihl BR380D or Husqvarna 150BT Blower?

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Question Stihl BR380D or Husqvarna 150BT Blower?

Looking for advice on my next backpack blower purchase.

I'm a home-owner on a bit less than 1/2 acre heavily wooded lot. I just sold my Husqvarna 125BT, a 25cc backpack blower which ran nicely but when moving leaves on grass it made me constantly debate whether raking would be faster. I'd also like to clean off the deck faster without so many passes.

I've narrowed down (I think) my next purchase to either the Stihl BR 380 D ($329+tax) or Husqvarna 150BT ($270+tax). Any opinions or experience with a backpack blower in this range? I've been very happy with the Stihl MS260 saw I picked-up used but the Husqvarna blower never gave me any troubles either.

Husqvarna 150BT, $170+tx, 494 CFM, 173mph, 50cc

Stihl BR 380 D, $329+tx, 465 CFM, 181mph, 56cc
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It's volume you need more then velocity. The higher the cfm the more air volume you are getting. You just need to know how it was measured, at the end of the pipe or blower outlet. The measurements at the end of the pipe are closer to real world use and are usually lower then the measurements at the blower outlet.

Echo and Red Max also make some great blowers
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Yeah volume is much more important than velocity, which I think is more for marketing than anything else. I've seen the dinky $69 or so 23-25cc handhelds advertised as having up to 205 mph wind speed. What they do is reduce the pipe size drastically so it's the size of a quarter at the end and of course that speeds up the airflow alot, but does nothing for volume, just kills it. Concentrated velocity might be useful for removing stuck-on debris, but I prefer alot of volume to get the job done as fast and efficiently as possible.

I can't comment on the Stihl as I know nothing about them. I have owned a Husky 145BT for over 2 years now and really like using it. It's lightweight, a nice mid-range power unit (40.2cc), good fuel efficiency, etc. The 150BT is its replacement. Now from what I've read the 150BT has 10 more cc's, but less HP and better fuel efficiency and supposedly offers more airflow. Don't really see how that is accomplished with less HP and less fuel, but I guess some things like the fan and housing design can manipulate the final output. I don't know how old the Stihl 380 technology is, but I can say Husqvarna is making great strides in trying to offer products with power, comfort, efficiency, environment, etc. in mind, so the 150BT might be a good choice based on those factors. Later!

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