How about an Electric Mower


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How about an Electric Mower

I KNOW I am going to hear a lot of opinions mostly negative but here it goes,
I have owned an electric mower from sears craftsman for over 2 years and never have start problems and dont have to deal with fumes, oil or gas. The noise level is low. I have third of an acre. Of course if I had a bigger lot I could not use this. Sure it aint the best mower in the world but its very good. Maybe this is not the proper place for this message but i thought i would share some info. Now let the fireworks begin
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I used to check in on an elderly fella that lived in a trailer park. I cut his lawn with his electric mower for 2 summers. That was my first experience with one. It works fine on a small lot like that, and it's a LOT quieter than a gas mower, lighter in weight, and minimal maintenance req'd. Some companies now offer a cordless model with rechargeable batteries which eliminates dragging the extension cord around over your shoulder, but they are not cheap!
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As with anything it depends on the application, if electric works for you great, in an area without access to electricity it would be kinda tough without a generator, if you live on the side of a mountain, I would suggest a goat. Have a good one. Geo
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Its not for everybody, but if you have a third of acre or less its worth a try. I heard cordless models are getting better. After this one i may try cordless.
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I have a B&D electric mower for more than 25years..and still serves me well. Regular maintainance (lubing the twin blade shafts and periodic sharpening) and so far so good.
What I like about this mower is you can mow from side to side by flipping the handle back and forth..without having to turn around.
Perfect for my square lot.
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Advantages of electric mower: light weight, easy to maneuver, quieter than gas mowers, less maintenance, no gas spillage, no pollutants and carbon emissions, no breathing of exhaust, earth friendly, less noise that can damage hearing and disturb neighbors, less expensive than gas mowers (battery operated models cost more). Also, with the cost of gasoline, electric mower is likely more economical to operate.

Disadvantages of electric mower: limited by length of cord (battery powered options are available, but operation time limited), possibility of cutting through cord and electrocution, not as powerful as gas mower. [Good for small to medium lawns (most brands will indicate run time/lot size and increased battery voltage for larger lots) and finer blade grass species.]

The simplicity of operation has the greatest appeal to me. Always a lover of grass mowing, but I am no longer physically able to do so. I doubt that I could now pull a cord on a gasoline mower. The thoughts of squeezing a hand grip and pushing a button sounds so much easier than a gasoline powered mower that can sometimes require multiple yanks on the cord. Quieter, less expensive to operate, no smelly, expensive gasoline, a rechargeable battery that lasts 5-7 years, reduced noise, environmentally friendly. And, there are mulching models available. Sounds good to me!

Robot mowers are in the future! Wonder if iRobot with the Roomba robot residential vaccum is working on this? Roomba reviews tend to report that this mine sweeping technology applied to carpet cleaning is slow, misses areas, gets stuck, and requires supervision. I can just imagine a robot mower attacking flower beds, running into a fence and getting stuck, or running away from home.
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I think electric mowers are great when the situation calls for one. Small yards that are regularly maintained (don't get thick and weedy between cuttings) are just right for one. I never liked any of the rechargeable ones I saw, they were really underpowered to me, but then again, I have a large place in the country.

I'd be surprised to see robotic lawnmowers anytime soon...think of the liabilities. How would one know if the kids are out playing or not...or when a good time to mow is and isn't, if it's raining or not, if the garden hose is laid out or not, or if the dog's lead rope is about to get wrapped under the deck. A lawnmower needs to be operated with good judgment which is something power tools have none of, and computers either. Just my thoughts.
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I think we are on the edge of some exciting changes. When I was younger I remember fueling my model airplanes with alcohol and nitro and now my helicopter flies on litium batteries. Something I would have though impossible 10 years ago. I think electric lawnmowers have recently tipped over the edge of practical and we will see more of them in the future. Like everything battery powered endurance is their Achilles Heel but technology is slowly working through this problem. As for a robotic lawnmower... Amrerica and it's lawyers are a real hinderance. (It's the reason we do not have good rat or ant poison anymore and why hedge trimmers have a 3" power cord...)
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i saw this robot mower that was safe. you could have the kids outside while it cut and if it got low on power it would go back to the charging base by itself and charge up and if it still needed to complete mowing it would do so. also on the part of pulling a cord on a gas mower. there are electric start models out there. those tv ads that show a person pulling and pulling and pulling. if your having that much trouble with you gas mower take it to a shop to get neighbor has one of those fly-mo hover mowers that hover above the grass(no wheels) it scalps the lawn and you have to sweep side to side with it.he uses it has backup when the gas one quits. someone left the electric behind when he moved in.
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I think what you are doing is great.

We should all do our part to save the enviroment and encourage the growth of the solar and wind power industries. Cordless electric lawn mowers go a long ways towards these goals. I recently purchased the Black & Decker Cordless Electric Lawnmower the CMM1200. In the review I describe how to upgrade the mower to mow over 9,000 SQFT! I hope my review will help you make a decision about our future.

Review of the CMM1200 with tips on how to use while plugged in.

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