Ariens snowblower..siezed???


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Ariens snowblower..siezed???

Hi. I have an older (1976?) ariens snowblower that suddenly seems siezed. I last had it started about 2 months ago when I moved it out to my shed. I went to start it up last night (got a good 6 inches) and I couldn't pull it over. I could pull the rope about 2 inches, but no further. I pulled the spark plug, nothing in there. It ran just fine when I moved it, and no it did not run out of oil. Is there anything I can look for as i rip into this thing? Plate on the engine give the model # H50-655077F. Thanks for the help! Sean
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Try pulling the recoil starter off and make sure the pawls that engage the engine haven't jammed up. When you pull the starter cord, there are little fingers that fly out and engage to turn the engine over. Once the engine fires, they fall back into place. I had that on an old H40 motor and it just took removing the starter and cleaning out years of crud and corrosion to get everything working again.
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I am no snow blower expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know engines. The first thing I would do is to isolate the engine from the snow blower to insure the problem lies in the engine and not something binding on the blower.
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1st I would tip machine up so it standing on augers and remove 4 bolts holding bottom cover on. Where it was stored in a shed critters love to get up in there and build a nest. Could be something wedged between friction wheel and speed disk.

2nd remove 4 screws holding recoil and as stated above pull rope and insure recoil is working. You should also inspect in there for signs of a nest, I have had a couple already this year that junk got wedged between flywheel and coil.

PS do not worry about removing recoil. Springs etc are not going to fall out it is all self contained.
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Ok, so I tried to take the recoil off, but the screws were rusted in. I hit them with PB and will try again today. As for the critters, that def might be the problem. I have this blankity-blank red squirrel that has managed to deposit the fruit of a black walnut tree inside my storage shed....(its actually kinda funny)..I had ruled that out tho since I didnt notice any openings on the base there for him to squeeze one through. Im really hoping that its something stupid like that. Thanks...I'll let ya know how I make out.
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If it has Electic Start, You'll also want to make sure the starter is disengaged from the flywheel. These can jam up @ times----Roger
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Well, as it turns out, my friendly squirrel was making a bed in the flywheel . There was bits of insulation, grass etc jammed in between the wheel and the electric starter post. Cleared all the junk out and its running well. Thanks for all the help!

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