Toro Wheelhorse Recycler Riding Mower -- need new drive belt?


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Toro Wheelhorse Recycler Riding Mower -- need new drive belt?

I'm considering buy an old (probably 15-25 years old) 8 HP Toro Wheelhorse Recycler Riding Mower at a cheap price. It's in rather rough condition and it runs, but I'm told that every other time it is used, the drive belt comes off the pulley. The owner showed me that all you need to do is engage the clutch and just lift it back onto the pulley, and all is well again. Do you think the problem is merely a belt adjustment, and if so how can I access it? If the belt needs replacement, how expensive is it, and is it a difficult job to replace? Would appreciate it if you would please provide instructions? Or do you think there is a bigger problem?

It also needs a tube for the front tire and a new seat cover -- where's the best place to find these?

I've asked the owner for the model #. He has searched all over the machine and cannot find one.

Would appreciate your help. Thank you.
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Model and serial number off the rider would be a big help in answering your question.

Most riders have a spring loaded idler tension set up and adjustments are generally not needed. It really sounds to me like there may be a belt guide missing. Usually there is something that keeps the belt from falling off the pulley when the tension is released.
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I could possibly tell you the model number if you can give me the numbers on the hood lettering, such as 10-32, Citation, or other information. I have a cross reference listing that narrows down the models. As far as the belt coming off, it is possible a pivot for an idler is worn and allow the unit to jump and the belt to come off. The Toro Company has a website that is pretty good at showing the deck and tractor belts. Any ARI online sites will have a very simular parts lookup and illustrations.

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