Tractor Engine Problem


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Tractor Engine Problem

I have a Craftsman lawn tractor that had the engine "blow" the other day. It started fine but only went a few feet before stalling out. I restarted it, went about 20 feet more then heard a large bang and the engine started smoking. Upon inspecting the engine, it actually has a hole in the side of it where the metal was shot out. The tractor is about 4 years old and the engine is a single cylinder 18.5 HP B&S Intec. The tractor repair place that I called said it could have been an issue with gas getting in the oil (apparently a problem they've seen quite a bit with the new gas with the ethanol eating through something in the carburetor) and that the engine would most likely need to be replaced not repaired (at an estimated price tag of $600). My questions are:
1. Given the hole in the engine, is it a safe assumption that it needs to be replaced or is it possible that it could be repaired?
2. Is the price tag reasonable for an engine replacement?
3. If the engine is shot and I opt not to repair it, how much can I expect to get for the tractor? I'm assuming somebody could fix it or at least use it for part.

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Sounds like it threw a rod. Repair is possible but not economicly. Needs to be replaced.

$600 sounds like a bargain for a new 18Hp engine installed if you seriously want to go that route.

Tractor with a bad engine is worth the price of scrap metal. You'd be lucky just to get someone to haul it off.

You need at ask yourself what the tractor is worth used (if it was running). I'd guess about $500. Right now you can but a brand new 17Hp tractor/mower from Sears for $1000.

Personally I'd buy a new mower and let Sears haul off the old one.
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You may want to inquire as to the cost to have a short block installed on your rider. This is the main component of the engine, and sometimes if a short block is available it can save a good chunk as compared to a complete new engine.

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