Stumped and frustrated


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Stumped and frustrated

I have an older blower with a late 70's early 80's briggs 8hp (190412)

I restored it: Picasa Web Albums - cwood - Snowblower re...

but it will not run off choke. Runs pretty well with choke part way on. This morning I overhauled the carb with the briggs kit including carb cleaner and compressed air in all the openings.... and also put a new plug in etc.

It has all new fuel line, new briggs filter as well.

Made no difference....choke has to be part way on to run.

What am I missing? It seems to be getting lots of fuel because before the float needle sealed it was dripping fuel out the intake. Only thing I can think of is that the little right angle valve on the tank is clogged or something....but there seems to be lots of fuel.

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even more frustrating.....

is when you realize you were thinking the choke was on when it was off and vice versa! All is well! Sorry to waste your time.
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Glad to hear that it's working ok. Stuff like getting the choke position confused happens, especially if you have several machines that are all different.

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