Weedeater FL1500 Blower questions


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Blower got sluggish, finally quit running. Not getting fuel. Opened carb - pump diaphragm stiff. Cleaned all ports and replaced diaphargm. Forgot to count the needle turns - what is normal setting from fully closed? Also, is that hi-speed or idle?

Both tubes were cracked inside the fuel tank. Bought new tubes - does the filter attach to the large tube? And I found what looks like a tube connector inside the tank - does that belong on the small tube? Is it a check valve like in the oil tank of a chainsaw?

Thanks for any help. A diagram would be nice - the manual is lost. Dixieflash
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Typically the adjustment is set to 1 1/2 turns from seat as a starting point. If you only have the one adjustment screw then it's for the low speed or idle circuit.

The smaller diameter line is the one the fuel filter goes on and runs all the way to the input on the carburetor. The larger line is the fuel return from the primer to the tank, this is where the little connector you found goes. It's there to keep the return line from being pulled out of the tank.

You can download an illustrated parts list from the Poulan website for most of their units.
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Smile Weedeater FL1500 Blower

Thank you Mr. 30 Year Tech for your help. Yep, I had it bass-ackwards - had the fuel filter on the large tube. No wonder it won't run! That's what you get for assuming. I appreciate your reply. Dixieflash

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