Sears Lawn Vac with hole in leaf bag


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Sears Lawn Vac with hole in leaf bag

The one year old Sears lawn vac Model 247.77012 with a 6.5 HP motor leaf catcher bag has a hole in it. The hole is in the side of the bag was duct taped but does not hold well. A new bag is $210 with tax and shipping which is a lot of money. The bag material is similar to felt and not very strong.

It there an alternative bag? Any thoughts?
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look in the yellow pgs for an furniture repair person the have heavy machines to sew that crap.. They will be able to stitch that for cheap .... under 50 bucks for shure!!
good luck
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get some canvas, large needle and some canvas.
as long as the bag retains airflow it will be fine.
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I saw a Billy Mays Infomercial that advertised a fabric mender for $19.95 a tube,
But WAIT!! order today and he'll send you 4 tubes.
Flops idea sounds pretty good tho', could use a piece of denim or old sweat pants.........
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Here is an update. I went to the sheet metal guys and they made one of $100. I cut hole on both side and the top and put some 1/4 inch hardware screen over the holes. I reused the front handle. It works. I need to make the hole in the top larger, about 10 inches by 10 inches.
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Try some fishing line and needle, cheap fix.

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