Non-starting Briggs and Stratton 5hp fun cart


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Non-starting Briggs and Stratton 5hp fun cart

I have a B&S 5HP Fun Power motor 136212 type 1015 E2, I recently had a valve rusted stuck and had to pry slightly to loosen it. Before I loosened the valve I tried manually turning the flywheel to get it broken loose, while doing that I think I accidentally adjusted the tangs on the cam so I dont think the timing is right. I've grinded the valve so that it is smooth again and put it back together and when I try to pull start the motor a good amount of air blows from the breather tube coming into the carb. I dont know if its supposed to do that but the engine won't start or even get close to starting. I've checked to see if I have spark and I do. I tried pouring a little gas in the carb to make sure it got feul. The air coming from the breather blows some of the gas back out just from air pressure coming out of the breather. Does anyone have any ideas on whats wrong or have a good idea of how the timing on the cam should be properly reset. Thanks!
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Did you remove the camshaft from the engine??

If not then the valve timing should not be the issue, provided that the engine was running alright prior to the valve getting stuck. Unless you have the composite camshaft, (I don't think your engine does) then the camshaft would break before the timing would change.

What did you set your valve lash at??

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