generator advice needed.


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generator advice needed.

I have a chance to buy a 5000 watt generator model EG5000X

He wants 400 dollars, it's used but supposed to be in good shape, a couple years old.

I want to use a generator for power outages for my home, it has a small fuel tank and i wonder if it would be good for my needs, please give me advice, good deal or not for me ?

honda lists it in their play section not home or work section, makes me wonder why.
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Well first thing I'd do is look it over to ensure good overall condition, start it up, check the output voltage, etc.

Whether it'll serve your needs depends on all the circuits in your home. You'd have to tally up what each piece of equipment is pulling and go from there. From what I've read a 5000 watt unit isn't going to run a whole lot unless you have a relatively small home with the basic necessities. If you want to run a refrigerator, a few lights, the TV and a 1/2 HP or so furnace blower motor it'd be fine. But if you're trying to run a well pump, a heat pump and other energy hungry devices then you'd need more power.

I know nothing about Honda generators so I can't comment.

Our situation calls for a rather large generator, something along the lines of 15KW (15,000 watts) to keep most everything running at once. That was too expensive, so we went with a nice 8,000 watt unit (13,500 startup watt rating) and will run certain things, then shut them off and run others. Might seem like a hassle, but will save us money and we won't need it often anyway. Later!

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I just need it for emergency situations and to run survival items in my house like furnace,fridge, maybe tv and a couple lights.

I do have a heat pump connected to my fuel oil furnace so i'm not sure how i would work that for power.

one thing that sticks out to me is that this generator only has a tank just under 2 gallons in size, and runs for about 2 1/2 hours on half load. seems REAL small and i would have to refill it constantly.

not sure how i can modify the fuel tank for a larger one or aux tank. any ideas anyone?
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an EG5000 in good shape for 400.00 is a good deal.
as posted above, check the output and general running condition of the unit. it should run smoothly under load, no smoke, and no popping at the exaust.

the EM5000 had the larger tank, better muffler and full frame but the EG is every bit as good a unit as the EM.
5000 watts will get you out of a bind in an outage. fridge, microwave, coffee maker and a couple of lights with no problem. check the retail on a new unit and i think you'll be pleased.
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It will help out in a pinch for sure. Not a bad deal if it's in good shape. I agree with flopshot.

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