Simplicity wireing help


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Simplicity wireing help

I have a Broadmoor 15 Hydro. I have a broken wire under the hood and I can't find where it goes. I traced the wire back to the ignition switch "s" terminal. It's a blue/white tracer. It turns to a black wire at a connector and runs somewhere toward the front of the engine. Also when the key is turned off it won't stop running, I hope this wire has something to do with it.
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Is your Broadmoor a model number 1692774?

If it were a model number 1692774, there is more than one blue/white wire in the system. I would not connect the wire until you confirm which blue/white wire you are seeing. Connecting to the wrong point could damage system components.

A blue/white wire runs from the S terminal on the ignition switch and to one of the small side terminals on the starter solenoid. This wire is encapsulated within the Main Harness and connects at the ignition switch via a connector. This wire would effect starting, but you should experience no start with it disconnected and it would not effect engine shutdown.

If you need a wiring diagram PM me with an email address and correct model number.
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It's model # 1692528. The wire pops out of the main harness near the starter. The Bl/W wire then connects to a black wire about 3" long. That black wire then goes to a 2 way connector with 1 red wire and 1 black wire. The red wire runs to a solenoid in the float bowl. The black wire is the same length as the red and seems to go to about the same area. The wire looks like it was chewed so I have no idea how long it should be or where it really goes.

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