21 hp briggs excess fuel?


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21 hp briggs excess fuel?

Hi all, newbie here. Picked up a riding mower with a 21 hp briggs in it. 2005 Yard Man. Could be a good deal, could be a downer! Here is what I have.....
Good cold start, choke to start, idles well for just a minute then starts surging. Open up the throttle position and it will run ok, still surges a bit. Put it under a load (mower turning) and it runs fine. Smells real rich.
What I did.....
Took it apart, started it up with filters out, see fuel surging into the airbox. When I shut it off, lots of gas in the airbox and then would not start. Pulled the plugs, wet as can be. Dried out, unhooked fuel sorce, ran good till it ran out of fuel. Hooked up the fuel again and watched the thing flood out.
Took carb apart - lots of cheap plastic parts, nothing obvious. Possible bad seat valve? Cleaned things up, put it back together, no new parts as it was Sun afternoon and my excess fuel seemed to be worse. Also, any idea what the thing on the bottom of the float bowl is that has two wires coming off of it?
Any help is appreciated, please let me know if you think I am heading down the right path. If thats the case, I will order up a carb kit and let you all know how I do! Thanks in advance.
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A good cleaning and a carburetor kit sounds like whats in order. Most likely the inlet needle and seat is not sealing good anymore, but the whole kit is usually a good idea, I think you are on the right track for sure....

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