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Toro s200 gas from carb at startup

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12-08-08, 01:42 PM   #1  
Toro s200 gas from carb at startup

The S200 runs fine once I get it going and it even catches pretty well when I pull the starter. My usual sequence for starting it goes something like: set the choke, prime a few times, pull the starter and it starts after a couple pulls, set the choke to off. At this point, I often need to keep priming every few seconds until the engine is warm enough to run on its own. The reason I don't keep the choke on longer is that it smokes something awful. Once the engine is warm, I have plenty of power, little smoke and smooth running. One more thing is that at some point in the starting process, some fuel drips onto the exhaust pipe right under the carb and burn off after it gets hot. Pumping the primer bulb while it warms up, I get some fuel dripping onto the exhaust and onto the ground below.

I am sure you fix-it guys are already thinking about the answers to my questions. Why the fuel is dripping out of the carb, why it smokes so much on with the choke on, why I need to keep pumping fuel until it warms up.

One last symptom to add to all this - my wife and kids complain that I smell terrible after all this and finishing snowblowing (no, not b.o.). That i smell like the exhaust from the engine. I have to figure that something is not right. I don't think there is a dirty carb since it is getting fuel and runs fine once it is warm. Maybe the jets need adjustment? Something else?

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12-08-08, 05:12 PM   #2  
May have a restricted exhaust and you may have too much oil mixed with your fuel. I am assuming that this is a 2 cycle engine, but I am not familiar with snow blowers.

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12-08-08, 11:03 PM   #3  
Here is a good book on S-200 engines.......


If you have a diaphragm type carb.--it may be leaking
when you pressure it with the primer.
I use a gas mix product called Opti-2 w/ fuel stabilizer-it
works for all my 2 cycle engines--no smoke --no smell.-about
$ 1.50-75 to mix w/ one gal of gas.................
If this cures your smoke problem--don't prime after engine is
running--use choke.

Gas should not leak when you prime--may need to rebuild carb.

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