Craftsman II 8hp leaks and does not go and leaks.


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Craftsman II 8hp leaks and does not go and leaks.

model C950-52518-6 8/27 (whatever that means)
year : unknown

Its throws fine but lately has been leaking small and now large drips of blackish fluid from underneath the main box. Its not the oil because the level never moves. And now the drive forward is working half-heartedly. Like a pulse push...stop...push ...stop. But it works fine in reverse.

I don't even know where to begin to address the problem.
Where do i go? what could it be? how much?
I am confident I could do it myself but need the right instructions and parts to do so.

Pls help me.
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Well, first of all the 8/27 means 8 horsepower, 27 means width of the auger in inches. Also, all the models that start with "C" are Canadian models. Unfortuneatly, Sears or Sears.CA (canada) do not show any parts for any Canadian outdoor power equipment.
You need to drop the lower pan to see where it is coming from.
Since I can not find a parts break down, I do not know what you have. If you have a transmission or a gear box under there, that is most likely wherem it is coming from.
If you only have chains, it is most likely oil dripping from the chain from when it was oiled last time.
This is also what is causing your drive problem. You have that black fluid on the friction disc and on the drive disc. Both have to be cleaned with Brake Kleaner.
But first you have to find & fix the sourcew of the black fluid.

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