What have I done????


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Angry What have I done????

I have a 1994 Toro 828 Snowthrower. I went to bring it up to the garage today (snow in the forecast). But, had trouble starting it. Once I finally got it running I noticed sparks were being emitted from the muffler. I immediately turned it off. I could tell the engine was unusually hot for only running a couple of minutes. Not knowing what the issue was I decided to change the gas supply and to check the oil. When I looked at the oil I was horrified. It was white and real thin. Yikes... I admit that I had not changed the oil for a couple of years. Is this from the oil just breaking down or is there a bigger problem? How much damage may I have done by running it for a couple of minutes? Any ideas on what I should do next (other than putting in new oil)?


Embarrassed Brian in Mass.
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Saying the oil looked white makes me think it has a lot of water mixed in it. Don't know what damage has been done. Drain the oil and put in fresh oil.
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Could be gas in the oil due to a faulty needle and seat in the carb. If the oil smells like gas you need to repair carb and change oil. You most likely did not damage anything.
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What have I done????

Thanks guys for the replies. I just drained the oil and I would describe it more like a 'frothy' soupy mess. I could not detect any odor of gas from the oil.

I'm going to drain the oil and clean the carb and say a little prayer !!!

At least it's warmed up to the 60's today. Makes working on it a little more pleasant.

Thanks again,


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