vanguard v-twin no spark


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vanguard v-twin no spark

I have a pressure washer with a briggs and stratton vanguard 16hp v-twin engine w/ electric start. I fired up the engine and started to pressure wash as I normally would. The engine seemed to bog down upon pulling the trigger. The pressure was 1000psi lower than it normally would be and the engine only seemed to run correctly with out the trigger pulled. Took the rig back to the shop to check things out and it would not run at all. Pulled out a spark plug and turned it over and had no spark. I then pulled the front cover off, the flywheel and magnet seemed rusted so I cleaned them as well as the two coils. Thats when I noticed that the inline fusible links were toast. I replaced the wires and fuses and tried again, still no spark. I then replaced both coils with the correct spacing, no spark still. Using a multi-meter I checked all connections and it seems as if the coils were only given power for a split second of the turn of the key so I also replaced the ignition switch. I am still not getting spark and the new ignition switch does not act any different. It is a model #303447 type # 1057-e1
Thank you
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If your ignition switch sent voltage to the ignition modules, even for only a second they will fail. Try checking for spark with the kill switch leads unplugged. Also check and make sure the modules are installed with the correct orientation. Briggs modules can be installed upside down and will not develop any spark if this is the case. They are usually marked "this side out" or "cylinder side" so you might want to look at that as well. Test the kill switch lead and make sure there is no voltage being sent to the coils when the key is in the run or start positions.
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I agree with 30yeartech. I would like to add that I don't know what fuseable links you referred to, but I suspect it may be the kill wires to the coils? If so, there is a diode in the kill wire system, and if it is missing or shorted, the coils will not spark. Verify first the no voltage EVER gets to the coils for any period of time in any position of the switch. If not, remove the kill wires from the coils and check for spark again.

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