Tecumseth in an old bolens


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Tecumseth in an old bolens

I have an old bolens with a Tecumseth engine in it and I can only get it started by choking it and placing my hand over the carb...it will run for about 30seconds then starts to die...if I place my hand over the carb again it begins to run again but I have to keep feathering my hand off and on the carb...and the choke is open at this point...any suggestions...this model has the fuel pump screwed to the side of the carb...any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
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Model and spec numbers off the engine would be helpful.

I will assume that you have a float type carburetor, so I would recommend removing the float bowl and having a look inside to what the condition is. It sounds like from your description that you are not getting enough fuel metering through the carburetor. Check the bowl nut and make sure the openings are clear and that fuel is flowing into the bowl and that the float moves freely. If there is any build up, you can try cleaning with spray carburetor cleaner, if very bad carburetor may need to be removed and cleaned in a bath type cleaner and a rebuild kit may be in order.

Best of Luck...

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