Honda EX650 generator surges


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Honda EX650 generator surges

Do you guys think this is a carb problem. Runs OK with choke on. Had the carb apart a couple years ago cleaned and everything looked OK. Are there some "hidden passage" I am missing. Thanks
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the carbs on modern small engines contain plastic parts that are not removable so you can't clean them by soaking like the old days, that makes it very difficult to clean the small passages, and you can't use wires to clean to passages either. only spray cleaners and compressed air. if it clears up on the running then you have some type of problem with fuel passage, or debris in the carb.

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Surging is many times caused by a restriction in the pilot jet. A good cleaning of the circuit will probably take care of it. Your carburetor does not appear to have any plastic parts that are not removable, so a bath type cleaner should be alright. A compete carburetor shows to run around $61.00, but I think you should be able to make yours work.
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Took it out tonight and it ran great. It is currently -15 here but that should make it worse. It runs like a champ now. I'll try it ice fishing next week. Thanks guysBeer 4U2
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hi, I also have honda generator would not go so i drain carb and it was full of it runs but with the choke on.i clean out fuel lines,took carb of and clean it but still runs with choke on.i also notice that when its running their is a little bit of air leaking around the oil stopper(dipstick).could this be my problem? or is this normal?I sprayed some carb cleaner on carb in some places but not all because of plastic parts.If i put some gas line antifreeze in tank would this clean out carb or do it more harm?

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