5HP Tecumseh problem


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Unhappy 5HP Tecumseh problem

Trying to work on a snowblower that sat for a couple years without being ran.Cleaned and rebuilt the carb the best I can.Started and ran pretty good,except had oil shoot out the rubber hose by carb(breather?)It stopped after a few minutes.Let it sit for a couple of hours and tried to restart it.When I turned the gas back on,it started leaking from carb and also went into the primer line?Set the float with a 11/64 drill per the manual.Now am thinking on just getting a new carb.Need #632107A-New #is 640084B.Old carb has adjustable main jet and new replacement is fixed.Has anyone tried these and do they work OK without any adjustment?Also,which is a decent parts house online,or maybe stick with my local dealer? T-Man,are you out there?
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Hold off on replacing the carburetor. I think you can fix the one you have.

A sticking fuel inlet needle or bad seat will allow gas to flow out of the bowl into the engine as you describe. Fuel inlet needles will often drag, stick or not seat in the needle cavity due to dirt or corrosion. On some engines this dragging, sticking or not seating of the fuel inlet needle will allow fuel to flow past the needle through the intake passage and into the crankcase.

Remove the float, needle and seat. Polish the needle cavity and seat. Deposits on the cavity wall or needle can intermittently cause the needle to drag and not fully seat. Use a cotton Q-tip saturated with metal polish and thoroughly clean and polish the needle, needle cavity and seat.

Install new 631021 Inlet Needle, Seat & Clip.

Be sure to check the engine oil to see if gas has gotten in the crankcase. If gas has entered the crankcase and contaminated the oil, change the oil after you repair the carburetor.

Here is a link to a service manual for your engine. Your carburetor is covered in detail. Pay attention to positioning of the float spring clip when assembling.
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Also check to make sure the float does float. Shake the float. If you hear "sloshing" it has gas in it and the float needs to be replaced.
And yes, if you have to replace the carb, the fixed jet will work just fine.

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