What snowblower between $800-$1000???


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What snowblower between $800-$1000???

My buddy is in the market for a new snowblower and has a $800 to $1000 budget. We have a Lowes and Home Depot near by so he has a couple choices:

Troy Built
Yard Machines
Cub Cadet

Any likes/dislikes or other recommendations?

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At least partially base your choice on the type and amount of snow you usually get. Wet snow and heavy snow require more horsepower and usually a two stage blower. Drier snow and maybe 4" or less at a time can be handled by my single stage two cycle, 5 horse blower.
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You live in N.Y. so you will need the following:
8 hp engine w/electric start. bigger engines only use more gas, they will NOT throw snow any farther as EPA has restrictions on how fast spinning metal can spin (mower blades, augers,impellers).
24"-28" auger width.
If you can find 1 with the old type of chute crank, go with that. The cable controled chutes have problems with them freezing up and breaking.
These are made especially for HomeDepot and are of much lesser quality than what Ariens dealers sell.
get a wheeled blower. track drives can be a problem.
Make sure the tires are X-trac or snowhog. Or just make sure they have a good tread and not turf tires that are found on lawn tractors.
From your choices listed:
1. Cub Cadet
2. TroyBilt
3. Yardmachines
All 3 are made by MTD. The above list is in order of quality.
Or you could just go all out and get this:
The Original V8 snowblowers
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Now thats a SnowBlower!!!

But I can't believe he's not wearing any visible hearing protection...lol
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you are going to need one today if you live in upstate n.y.
we are in a mist of a big snow storm
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i recommend Ariens, the other 3 are all made by MTD and are basically the same machine with different paint. And I strongly recommend you get your Ariens from a dealer. You have a much better chance of it being set up properly, and you will be doing business with a local guy that has parts for service and repair. When Lowe's discontinued carrying Cub Cadet, they also discontinued selling parts. Your dealer has invested in a brand for the long term, unlike the box stores that drop product lines at the whims of the bean counters at corp. headquarters.
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question for indypower

I noticed you mentioned buying a Ariens from H.D. as their Ariens are not the same quality as the dealers.

What are your thoughts on Ariens producing a lesser quality machine for the "outside" market which would seem to reduce their image and standing?

I'm not looking for a argument,just some thoughts in light of the fact that their Tecumseh powered engines are defunct.

I have a a 724 Ariens bought from a dealer.

Didn't mean to hijack this thread

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