Ariens leaking oil


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Ariens leaking oil

Hi, I have an older Ariens with a techumseh h50 engine. Took it out this morning and noticed that it was leaking oil out of the breather tube. It didnt start until I was about 1/2 hour into the job, and it does this only when under load...I let it sit and idle a few minutes and nothing, but as soon as it nosed into a bank, the oil would blow out. I just did an oil change at the begining of the season, and this is the first time using it. Any suggestions?? Thanks! Sean
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The following is from this manual:


1. Check the oil level, make sure the engine is not overfilled. Also verify that the viscosity rating on the container of
the oil being used is to specification.

2. Check the angle of operation. Avoid prolonged use at a severe angle.

3. Check the engine R.P.M. setting for excessive R.P.M. using a vibratach or other tachometer and compare it to the
R.P.M. settings found on microfiche card # 30 according to the engine model and specification number. Adjust the
high and low R.P.M. as necessary.

4. Check for leaking or damaged gaskets, seals, or "O"-rings. External leaks may not be evident; however, the leak
may prevent the engine from achieving a partial crankcase vacuum.

5. Check the breather for damage, dirty condition, or improper installation. The oil return hole(s) must face down.

6. Check the engine compression using a compression tester. If the engine has weak compression, determine the
cause of weak compression: worn rings, leaking head gasket, or leaking valves. Follow the compression tester's
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What is the proper compression that my engine is supposed to have? I have an average of 30 PSI...seems kinda low to me, but I wasn't able to find what is supposed to be in the manual. Im kind of feeling that I might be better off just buying a new engine for this thing....any suggestions?

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