craftsman auger wont spin on right side


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craftsman auger wont spin on right side

I have a craftsman 10 hp blower. this year I took it out after first snow fall and the auger only spins on left side but not right side . what is the problem and how to fix it please?
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There should be a pin that goes through the auger shaft into the shaft that is spun by the center differential. If you look at the side that spins you should see the pin it looks like a thick nail. that should be gold in color. These do break often you should be able to get some wherever the snow blower is from, sears im guessing? Or if your in a crunch you can take a nail stick it through and bend it over so it doesn't fall out until you obtain a new one. If both the pins are there then you have some different problems.
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the left side has a bold and nut attachment but I do not see that on the left side
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that "bolt" is called a "shear pin". They are soft and made to break. DO NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE!!
Reason: If something (rock, chunk of ice) gets stuck in the auger and stops it, the pin will break. If you use something that won't break, you will end up breaking the gears in the gear case.
Shear pin=$2 each
Gears = $80 plus tearing it a apart or paying a shop to do it about $200 labor.
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just found the problem..the bolt is gone..the other side looks just like a galvanized bolt
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Shear pins may look like a nut and bolt, but they are different. they are designed to shear as mentioned above to protect the expensive innards. If you suspect that some previous owner has put a regular nut & bolt, then you should replace both with the proper shear pins..... most machines when sold new have a couple of extra shear pins installed somewhere accessable, but out of the way so you have them available. Not sure if yours has any extras or if they have already been used.
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replaced with new ones yesterday
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hole for shear pin missing!!

I have a Craftsman 9 hp snowblower with Tecumseh engine. Went to replace a shear pin but the hole in the auger(?) does not line up with hole in the drive shaft. No matter how I spin it there is no hole for the shear pin. It looks like there is a solid pole inside of the auger.

Has anyone come up against this problem? Any help would be appreciated.
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I have a Craftsman tractor-mounted snow blower and had the same problem today. I found the shear pin had sheared such that it blocked the hole. I pounded the piece blocking the hole through the hole with a Phillips screwdriver and hammer. Problem solved -- who knew?

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