Tecumseh HS50 carb question -snowblower


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Tecumseh HS50 carb question -snowblower

I was reading through these forums and decided to take the bowl off my carb to clean it. Unfortunetly a very small silver pendulm shaped piece of metal with a fine metal wire connected to it fell out of the carb when I took the bowl off. I have no idea what this is or where to put it back. Can someonetell me where it goes or where I can find a diagram on the web. Thanks!

-Ohh and my original problem was the snowblower(Snapper 5240) stalling when it would start to pump out snow. And I coudln't get the choke to full off without it stalling also.
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Download the manual below and go to Chapter 6 page 17 illustration 28 to see how to correctly install the float, clip, and inlet needle.


An engine that requires the choke to be engaged to run is a sign of blocked fuel passages in the carburetor. A thorough cleaning is required to restore carburetor operation. If you need further help, post the engine Spec. No. and D.O.M.
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criss9567...I did the same thing when pulling the bowl off to clean the needles last night. It dropped right out before I could see it's proper position.

Taking the carb off and tipping it upside down is probably the proper way to remove the bowl...but I just wanted to do a quick check.

The "silver pendulum" is an inlet needle.
You have to slide the wire sideways across the tab on the float (brass donut) and place the pencil shaped needle upside down into the tube above the tab. It should stay in place once it's on and you hold the float up into the carb.
Make sure you align the bowl correctly before putting it back on. I marked mine with a sharpie before removing it and then realized that the marks would come right off when I was using carb cleaner so I took a file and made a small alignment mark across the bowl edge and carb.

You also have to fit the rubber seal onto the carb before putting the bowl back on.

The pdf that Airman posted is great. ( thanks Airman!)
Figures 49 and 50 on page 26 show the position of the needle.
It's easier to re-install when the carb is upside down.

I did a quick check and sprayed the carb well with cleaner.
Once I had the carb back on it's started on the first pull and has been running great today...and I've had a lot of snow to remove.

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