Pulled my rope out of my 8 HP MTD snowblower


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Pulled my rope out of my 8 HP MTD snowblower

This is, my fourth thread since Saturday.....

Waiting on my electric starter to show up, I found the thread below on tecumseh motors and the seafoam into the spark plug hole followed by some gasoline.

Picked up a new plug, verified the gap was .030, poured some seafoam in, slowly pulled the recoil about a dozen times, added some gas, replaced the plug and commenced trying to start with the recoil.

Never got a hint of starting and I pulled the rope out (or broke it inside).

Manuals do not have anything on replacing the rope. Any help?

8 HP MTD with Tecumseh motor.

Good thing I haven't given up drinking!!!!
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See Chapter 5 in the manual linked below:

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I was able to play with it on Saturday.

The recoil starter came off fine with 4 nuts holding it on. However, it does not appear that the recoil spring/rope spool is a servicable item. It looks like you would destry the center pin getting the 'washer' off that holds it all together.

So, I threaded the rope backwards from the inside of the recoil spring, then I wound the rope by spinning the recoil to tighten the spring.

I put the starter back on, but there is no tension on the spring. took it back off and you can feel some tension on the spring when you try and wind it, but at the same spot, every 360 degree rotation it clicks and the tension is lost.

Do I need to replace the entire recoil starter, or is there a trick to getting the tension on the spring?

One other thing, when I had the recoil off, there is a nut that is in the center that holds the 'female' part of the recoil starter. Would it be possible to use a pneumatic impact wrench on this nut in a worse case scenario?

On the plus side, my new electric starter showed up so I am up and running.
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Sounds like you may need a new rope pulley or a new rewind spring. The end of the spring should have a "U" bend if not, you need a new spring. There should be a slot in the pulley that slides into the U in the spring. The pulley is plastic and that slot could be broken. Or, you may just want to shell out about $60 for a new recoil. I had a good used one here last week & sold it for half price..$30.

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