Seek info on upgrading Honda snowthrower to LED headlight.


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Seek info on upgrading Honda snowthrower to LED headlight.


Incandescent lighting on a snowthrower is as susceptible to an early death due to vibration as taillights on a trailer. I have an element out and am considering upgrading to an LED array (which I expect would draw much less power from the generating system than an incandescent lamp). I'd appreciate any experience or info/links others might be able to give, including part numbers, sources etc.
Yes, I know LED arrays are more expensive initially, and current must be limited, but is a recifying diode and filter needed to rectify and filter system voltage? I am qualified electrically, but just don't know much about magneto systems. Do I understand correctly that OE incandescent element is intended for 6V operation?

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Incadesant bulbs are made for both 6 & 12 volt. All cars since the early 60's have been 12 volt.
My snowblower is a 1995 and still has the original light bulb in it and it still works.
Finding an LED headlight could be a problem.
And no, you don't need any rectifiers, diodes, etc. as they are built into the LED bulb base which is why they are more $$$.
You may end up having to clean the snow off the headlite while you are snowblowing as LED's produce no heat. Incadesents produced enough heat to melt the snow off the lens, keeping it clear.

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