How can i get my mower fast and able to race?


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How can i get my mower fast and able to race?

i know i can make a stright pipe exhaust so it soulds like a healthy harley, i can cahne the pulleys, i can lose weight by takin blade and deck off, make a gas pedal to govenor, wat is a better tranny to use, wat is a good motor i can mod uninternally and 1 i can mod internally with wat mods
i ont want big tires takes t olong to get up to a high speed, i know to weld spider gears and front turning
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If you are planning to race in an Association, check their rules to see what modifications are allowed so your machine will not be disqualified. If you are doing this just for fun, then there are lots of things you can do. One of the better engines to soup up is the horizontal shaft cast iron block "K" series 16 HP Kohler. Some guys have gotten as much as 40 HP out of these. What tranny will handle this? The rears out of the 16 and 18 HP Sears Suburbans made in the 1970s and Cub Cadets cast iron rear axles. This site here is focused mostly on getting stock machines running again, you should do a Google search for forums on lawn mower racing where you can get more specific information.

Oh, I almost forgot, get a good helmet, some knee pads and be careful, You can have a lot of fun with this, but you can also get hurt real bad, real quick.

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