Grounding a Portable Generator


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Grounding a Portable Generator

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the use of portable generators. I just purchased and ETQ TG3600 portable gen. In the owner's manual it says to ground the the gen to an earth ground rod. I have asked around and get mixed reviews, for the most part I am told it is not necessary. However safety is an issue with me. The gen was bought as an emergency back up for our sump pump when we lose power due to whatever. Do I need to ground this for that kind of use. As well I notice that the manual also says not to be used in rain, snow or fog. Most times we lose power is during a storm, as well this is when you do not want your sump pump to stop working, so I am confused by all this, could someone plz help me out. Thanks very much in advance for your time.

ps- no it will not be used in doors, but that is where the confusion comes in about the weather, lol.
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I have no idea whether grounding is necessary. My brother is a licensed electrician in our state and I can ask him if needed.

Yeah the deal with running it in "perfect" weather will never happen. Same with our generator. It is pretty much waterproof with all circuit breakers, receptacles, etc. being covered with rubber flaps to keep rain out, but the manual says to keep it dry and clean....... my brother said as long as a generator isn't kept outside all year round and only used in bad weather as needed most will be fine. He told me he's used his in ice storms and had ice hanging all over the thing but it kept running just fine. Later!
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Thanks for the reply, I actually spoke with someone who suggested that I have a receptacle installed that the generator would power when the power went out and then it would be grounded through the house and would not have to worry about it. So I am looking into that option and will post more as I get details.
Again thx for the reply

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portable generator grounding

When I run my generator, under an overhang just outside the garage door I put a jumper cable between the generator ground stud and my copper garden hose faucet. This basically utilizes the house electrical grounding system.

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