portable generator advice


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portable generator advice

here in the Northeast we are gradually recovering from many days without electrical power.

I'm thinking i would like to get a portable generator to run my refrigerator,a sump pump,and maybe radio.

I have no idea what would be a good size that i can move and won't break the bank.

Pros and cons would be appreciated.
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Well awhile back we went to our local Lowe's and bought a Troy-Bilt 8000, which offers 8000 running watts and 13,500 on the startup. It has a B&S 15HP Vanguard engine, a 100% copper wound brushed alternator, auto voltage regulation, circuit breakers, low oil shutdown and many other nice features and it was $1,300. You might get by with less wattage, maybe 4,000 watts. I'd rather have more instead of struggling with less.

There are so many options out there. Buying a higher end model like the Hondas are only beneficial if you have plenty of money to spend and will use it often. If it will be used a few times yearly then I wouldn't spend more than I had to. I've seen units around 4,000 watts at Lowe's in the $500-700 range. All depends on the bells and whistles. Later!
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fridge will take 2500 - 3000 watts, on the pump you will have to check the running load, go with no less than 1.5 X running amps. the radio is no problem.
whatever you buy, it will do you no good when you can't find someone to work on it. finding a tech to work on the engine is rarely a problem but the generator end can be. the biggest problem i see with things like generators and pressure washers is how the units were put away. that's another subject.
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Generator Size

I have a forty year old Onan 2500W that I run pump,frig,furnace,TV,and lights.

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