Briggs & Stratton Engine 100252


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Briggs & Stratton Engine 100252

I have a Atlas snow blower with a Briggs & Stratton Engine 100252. The Carburetor is a Pulsa Jet. I have the B & S Book and understand the theory of operation. The Engine will not run without the choke on almost full. As soon as the Gas level drops below the short fuel tube the engine quits. It will restart after filling tank up. I have rebuilt the carburetor and replaced pump spring and cup but it still does the same thing. The carburetor was soak in a Carb cleaning tank for 24 hours.
The plastic tube was replaced and a new screen was installed on the long gas tube. Is this just a worn out Carburetor, low vacuum or something else. Your input for a solution would be much appreciated

Steve Bishop
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You should NEVER soak a carburetor more than and hour. Matter of fact, I rarely soak one unless it is so varnished soaking is the easiest way to remove the varnish. Prolonged soaking can damage a carburetor but letís assume your carburetor is not damaged.

View the slide show at the link provided and observe fuel path. Locate each of these fuel passageways in the carburetor and using copper wire, or suitable devise, clean each passage and blow the passage out with compressed air.

These carburetors are notorious for air leaks at the mounting surface between the fuel tank and carburetor. Fuel tank warpage has been a problem with older style tanks. I usually apply a coat of Permatex Form-A-Gasket Number 2 to the gasket prior to installing the carburetor.

Briggs Pulsa-Jet Carburetor

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