Tecumseh snow king 7hp motor wont start


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Tecumseh snow king 7hp motor wont start

here is the deal,

I recently purchased a used ariens snow blower with a 7hp tecumseh snow king engine. When i checked it out, the guy started the motor and it fired right up, he even tested the machine out in some heavy snow to prove that the machine works.

I got the machine home and it sat for a week as all the snow had melted. But this morning (it was left outside) i went to start the machine, it took a good 5 minutes to get it to fire with the electric start. I let it sit for a good 2 minutes to warm up and engaged the auger, as soon as i hit snow it stalled. It then would not restart!!!!! i spent a good 20 minutes tinkering with it.

The motor spins freely with the electric start. I have not checked spark, it does have fuel in the tank but i do not know the age, the fuel cut off is open. What do i need to be doing?

I figured my plan of action will be

1) check spark
2) drain fuel and replace
3) check carb bowl
4) clean carb

if you guys have any advice i would appreciate it

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You say he blew off some deep snow to demonstrate , and then you stored it outside for a week while the snow melted. It sounds as if you may have gotten some snow powder up under the shroud which later melted and / or there was some moisture in the air during the melt off . Either way , your points are probably rusty - it doesn't take much for them to rust . After you go to check for spark and find none , that's where I would look.

Always a good idea to store the machines inside. Even if you can't and you have to keep it outside, always knock all the loose snow off the outside of the machine, blow out the auger, and then run the machine on low idle for a couple of minutes to heat up and evaporate any snow under the sheet metal before shutting it off. If it's outside, at least put a tarp on it to protect it from the elements.

Hope this helps
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If there was ANY water in the gas, leaving it outside, it would have froze. Are you using E-10 gas where you are? Ethonal actually attracts waters. Use Isopropyl dry gas at the rate of 2oz. per gal.

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