Auger Pulley on snowblower


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Auger Pulley on snowblower

Please help ! I have a auger pulley from a craftsman 21 in snowblower model 536885212 that I can't free. I tried liquid wrench , heat , hammer , wrenches , sockets breakerbarand more liquid wrench ,heat , hammer etc. this has been going on for over 3 day's . I keep heating it and cooling it and them giving a little tap on it but no good ! Does anybody have any ideas ??????
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feel around inside the groove on the pulley. you're looking for a set screw either over the keyway or 1/4 turn either side of the key. should be a 7/32 allen head - should be pretty easy to turn by now too.
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I do not have time to check your model but if it is a single stage blower it has a left hand thread. A two stage will have a set screw on the inner hub. After removing the set screw, I use a ball joint separator tool to remove the pulley from the shaft. I have run into some really damaged hubs on the keyway where the pulley is pratically impossible to remove. Hope this helps.

50 yrs of servicing all makes.
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Auger Pulley on snowblower

No set screw or anything else . Its a single stage and it has the left hand threads. I'm still trying to remove it . I think i'm going to need a bomb to get it off !! Any more ideas would be helpful !!
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To get mine off I put a long wrench across the auger, parallel to the shaft to spread out the force over multiple points, then stuck another wrench in the auger with a pipe on it. I had my little brother stand on this pipe. This held the auger still so I could turn the pully.

Then I just used a long wrench and put my weight into it. The threads were left handed.

If it is rusted, I would recommend a product called PB Blaster. It comes in an aerosol can. I use it when working on my car. Sometimes I'll spray down a bolt and let it sit overnight then try to break it free. (my car is 15 years old and rusty)

This would be a good time to use an impact wrench if you are luckey enough to have one.

Good luck

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