John Deere STX46 won't start


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John Deere STX46 won't start

mid 1990's era John Deere riding mower (stx46) with Kohler Command 14 engine. When the key is turned the engine does not turn over or start (only very occassionally). I can view the starter motor on the side of the engine. The starter gear is spinning when the ignition key is turned but does not rise up to engage the flywheel.

Could this be related to a:

Low battery charge

faulty solenoid

faulty starter


Thank you in advance for your input.
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It could be a low battery = starter not spinning fast enough to run the starter gear up the starter shaft. The shaft usually has a spiraled groove configuration that drives the gear up the shaft as the starter spins.

Since the starter is spinning I wouldn't blame the electrical portion of the starter initially.

I believe the first thing I would do is charge the battery fully, then lube the starter shaft with a penetrating oil which has graphite in it. That way the graphite will remain on the shaft as a dry lubricant. That will often fix the problem.

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